Dog Obedience Training Brisbane

Does your dog:

  • Pull on the lead
  • Jump on guests
  • Bark at people and dogs passing your home (or guests who enter)
  • Run away and ignore you when you call them
  • Act out towards other dogs or people

We can help! We’ve helped heaps of owners and their dogs to live happier, calmer and more comfortable lives together through proper training.

Your dog can learn to:

  • Come when called
  • Walk nicely next to you
  • Be calm and well mannered towards your house guests
  • Be confident and social around other dogs or people

Want to learn more about how you and your dog can begin to live your best lives together?

Contact us and book your free consultation to begin your training journey today.

Because an obedient dog is just more fun!

What Is Dog Obedience Training?

All dogs need a basic level of training to live in harmony with their human family.

  • Crate training (independence, safe + comfortable space, toilet training)
  • Boundary manners
  • Place training
  • Leash manners
  • Solid Recall
  • Social manners
  • Toilet Training 

Obedience training is important to keep your dog safe and to ensure good behaviour at home and in public. Proper training will help you to prevent unwanted behaviours like aggression, anxiety, pulling on the leash, and even stopping your dog from jumping up uninvited, making living with your dog easier, stress free.

Obedience training also strengthens your bond with your dog and makes your relationship healthier, happier and more enjoyable. When you and your dog train with us; you’ll begin to understand your dogs needs and characteristics, making tailoring your training 

All dogs can be trained to obey commands. Some breeds take more naturally to obedience training than others. The personality, temperament, and energy levels of each individual dog also play a part in how easy they are to train.

Looking for Dog Obedience Training in Brisbane?

Our dog obedience training in Brisbane will guide you and your dog through a proven training program designed to improve your dog’s behaviour and build your relationship and trust together.

Get in touch today to let us know about how we can help you and your dog, and we’ll arrange a discovery session to get to know you both better. We can come to you anywhere in Brisbane or the Gold Coast area.

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