Puppy Training

Start your puppies training on the right paw

Our private puppy training lessons make sure you and your puppy receive the individualized attention needed to achieve your specific puppy socialisation, behaviour and obedience goals.

We operate our puppy training lessons and puppy socialisation lessons privately, meaning you and your puppy receive personalised training advice and support, as well as fully customised training plans to suit yours and your puppies unique needs.

How puppy training benefits you and your puppy:

Our professional dog trainers come to you, making sure your puppy is given the best opportunity to learn, and develop their obedience and behaviour. Top Dog Pawformance’s in home training lessons also mean you can train anywhere in the Great Brisbane Area. This makes puppy socialisation and exposure much easier and more effective, as Brisbane becomes your puppies school.

Why private puppy training and private puppy socialization lessons?

To make sure your puppy has the best start in dog socialisation and exposure, your puppy will have access to balanced and well mannered dogs and people to build their confidence, neutrality and handler focus around. We make every effort to ensure your puppy learns to value you more than their environment, while still building a confident, stable and reliable family dog in the process.

1. No “One Size Fits All”

We know you and your puppy are individuals with your own learning styles and personalities. We cater to different learning styles and goals, with our private puppy training and socialisation lessons, through customized training plans and unlimited 1 to 1 support.

2. Focused Learning

Our private puppy training plans speed up your puppies learning progress and help you focus on your training goals; making sure you achieve the results you set out for.

3. Unlimited Support

Throughout your personalised private puppy training plan, and after, you’ll receive up to 12 months unlimited support, so you can make sure your puppies training stays on track, even after finishing your private in home dog training lessons.

Private puppy training lesson example outline:

During your private puppy training lessons, you’ll learn how to communicate appropriately with your puppy as well as how to: crate train, toilet train and leash train your puppy. Your puppy will also learn their name, how to come when called, to accept brushing and having their paws, ears and tail handled, as well as the critical puppy socialisation they need in order to become a well adjusted, well mannered and sociable adult dog in future.

Initial Lesson:

Markers (communication)

Name recognition

Toilet Training Foundations

Diet – feeding


Appropriate play time

Confidence building games

Puppy Socialisation outings: Shopping center

School drop off

Neutral dog exposure

Uneven / New surfaces

Dealing with fear


Mouthing & Teething

Puppy Obedience Skills:
Come when called

Doorway manners

Crate training

Walking on lead

Mat training

Tie outs for independence

Cafe manners

Private puppy training lesson example outline:

East Mt Gravatt
Mt Gravatt
Upper Mt Gravatt
Holland Park
Holland Park West
Eight Mile Plains
Camp Hill
Cannon Hill
Manly West
Wynnum West

Everton park

Sinnamon Park
Acacia Ridge
Forest Lake
Mount Ommaney

Don’t see your location here? Get in touch to find out more about which South East Queensland locations we service.

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